PTD-2K19 - Building and Revamping Pakistan Tourism

02 Jul 2019

Pakistan Tourism Dialogue (PTD) is a platform for the young generation to learn and explore more about the major destinations of Pakistan. This year, it was arranged to discuss the future of hospitality and tourism sectors with the tourism experts and hospitality stakeholders.

The first day of the dialogue revolved around the two panel discussions “Domestic Tourism” & “Bilateral Relations” which revolved around the different concepts of tourism Industry. Three workshops: “An Insight through the Lens”, “Development of Skills through Culinary Innovations” and “Cultural Staff Notations” were also held on the first day.

The second day of the event signified the challenges being encountered by tourists along with the possible solutions to counter these barriers. The topics “Pakistan Tourism Investment Forum” and “Commute System in Pakistan” were also discussed on the second day.

The third day revolved around the panel discussion over the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tourism” and “Coastal Tourism”.