Saturday, June 25, 2022
Govt determined to close restaurant industry: Ahmad Shafiq

Govt determined to close restaurant industry: Ahmad Shafiq

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

Government of Pakistan is unfortunately determined to Close restaurant industry in Pakistan’, Lahore Restaurants Association Secretary General Ahmad Shafiq said this on Saturday.

According to the details, LRA Secretary General Ahmad Shafiq has said that the government’s policies have crushed the restaurants industry in Pakistan so badly that it is about to be permanently closed.

He said that every other business was open and working in the country but the restaurants were not allowed to open after 10pm while, on weekends, they were forced to close down the operations.

He further said that most of the people visit restaurants after 10pm or on weekends and the government has restricted the restaurants specifically in these hours.

‘It is totally unfair and LRA condemns this act of the government’, he said and added that many of the Close restaurant in the first wave of the Covid-19 and if the authorities did not allow the restaurants to work freely, the industry might die down bitterly.

He added that a large number of manpower is associated with the business of restaurants and if this industry is further hurt, the impact will be devastating and long lasting.

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2 thoughts on “Govt determined to close restaurant industry: Ahmad Shafiq

  1. I don’t understand why the association does not approach the court ? I know court won’t go again NCOC order but atleast court can ask NCOC for the relief on rental to Restaurant owner across Pakistan

  2. This Govt is based on the people use to consume Zakat Khayrat and donation
    They practically don’t know why to work if Begging is Available in reach simple head of Govt never had any buisness or services in last 22 years and life spend very Luxuriuse

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