Monday, May 23, 2022
Hospitality Plus – April 2021

Hospitality Plus – April 2021


5 thoughts on “Hospitality Plus – April 2021

  1. I have gone through the entire publication, that is excellent, printing, quality, content and arrangement all are fine. I suggest, in future issues, street foods of Karachi like nehari, gola kebab, biryani, haleem etc may also be emphasized. Similarly, street foods of Peshawar like chapli kebab etc. Street food of Quetta like sajji and Raosh etc, and that of Gujranwala i.e. Chirray, paye etc may also be given coverage.

  2. My dear brother Ahmad Shafiq sahib, I have gone through hospitality plus for this month of April and also observed many suggestions to improve it’s quality at large. I found this publication should represent also for elders focusing on wonderful food like suggests by “The Wonderful Club” i.e. healthy food without oil I mean higenic food paticulrly for the age group 50 and above to prevent popular deseases suger, blood pressure, cordic and stomich. I hope The CEO of this publication may agree with proposals to seve the old nation as well. Always pray for the betterment of this publication and your health. Thanks. M

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