Sunday, June 26, 2022
Sufi Group truly acknowledges COTHM’s services to Pakistan: Hamza Sufi

Sufi Group truly acknowledges COTHM’s services to Pakistan: Hamza Sufi

Simply Sufi Group of industries Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamza Sufi, along with his team, visited College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM) on Saturday where COTHM CEO Ahmad Shafiq orientated him about the education and training model of the college.

Hamza Sufi had a thorough visit of the facility and interacted with the students working in different kitchens.

He showed keen interest in the concept of Chocolate Academy and offered his support to its CEO Zainab Shafiq wherever needed.

He mentioned that imparting the skills of hospitality and tourism to the youth of Pakistan in a modern way is a real service and Sufi Group of Industries truly acknowledges it.

To brief the guests more about COTHM, Media & Marketing Head Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri demonstrated a comprehensive presentation on different projects working under the umbrella of COTHM while Department of Food, Nutrition and Safety Sciences Head Marriam Ali explained the services her department is offering for the restaurants and food companies.

In response to the presentations, Bilal Sufi and his team showed interest in going in some mutual collaborations with COTHM to develop a healthy professional relationship between both the organizations.

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