Saturday, June 25, 2022
True hospitality comes from within, says WCA President Thomas A. Gugler

True hospitality comes from within, says WCA President Thomas A. Gugler

WCA President Thomas A. Gugler addressed the students of COTHM International and shared his global culinary vision with the participants through an interactive webinar.

Students were happy to learn from the world-class chef who had earned some of the highest honors in the industry.

No matter which direction you choose to pursue, continue to expand your knowledge of food and technique, develop discipline early, and learn to maintain and enhance it,” WCA President Thomas A. Gugler advised the participants.

“Most important is a desire to serve. It’s difficult to teach, because true hospitality comes from within. It’s simply a desire to make people happy and to know what they want before they are going to want it.”

He explained a variety of exotic spices from around the world he uses to create the characteristic flavor constellations of each distinct culinary region.

In WCA President Thomas A. Gugler words, food ‘is a powerful tool to heal communities in the times of crisis and beyond.’ Indeed, it is perhaps through preparing and sharing a meal that we most readily see the interplay of our practical and metaphorical ways of living with one another. WCA President Thomas A. Gugler concluded the session by adding, “I am delighted to collaborate with one of the pioneer brands in the field of culinary studies. The demand for professionally trained chefs is growing rapidly and students can look forward to gaining more insights and hands-on internship opportunities from the experts at COTHM.”

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